Doing Bible studies using our imagination


We continued with the fourth video in the series by Intervarsity’s Arts Ministry Director Dick Ryan. In our discussion this week, we talked about imagination and applied it to the scripture John 8:1-11.

To get us thinking at the beginning of the video, Dick Ryan posed these questions:

Why do we read the Bible? What’s the purpose of reading scripture? How do you define imagination? What does it mean to you?

After we read the scripture John 8:1-11 about Jesus saving the adulterous woman that was to be stoned, Dick Ryan had us apply our imagination and reflect on these questions:

What surprises you or amazes you in this story? Who is in the cast? How old might the woman have been? What do you think she was wearing?

We will continue with Part 2 of “Taking our arts gifts with us wherever we go” next week. Hope to see you there in room 216 at 7:30!


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