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Heather lead a discussion about joy on 10/5. We talked about how joy connects to trust in God. The things that stand in the gap between joy and trust are fear, doubt, and worry. Although this can be applied to life in general, it has specific applications for us as musicians.
Throughout the Bible, there is a striking connection between joy and worship, praise, and celebration. We often do not have joy in our playing or singing because we are so afraid and worried about messing up. We typically worry about what the audience or our teacher will think. This is actually a very selfish and prideful perspective because we are making the the focus of our playing or singing us and not God. The performance becomes about us not looking bad instead of giving to others. When we perform this way we close ourselves off to the audience because we are trying to protect ourselves and be careful to play all of the notes right. As a result, there is something lacking in our performance for the audience. However, if we play with vulnerability, we are open to the audience, and they gain something even if we mess up. This something can be God’s love if that is out focus. C. S. Lewis once said, “To love is to be vulnerable.”
Arron Copeland once stated, “The ugliest sound I have ever heard is fear.” The closing thought was encouraging everyone to have joy in their playing or singing by losing their fear and trusting God. It goes beyond just fixing nerves and being a better performer; it is about serving the Lord with our music.

Isaiah 65:14a
Isaiah 49:13a
Isaiah 12:5-6
Psalm 92:1-4
Psalm 98


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