Looking at People’s Souls


Our coffee filter friends, Fred, on the left, and Jeff, on the right. Both were illustrated by the fabulous Andres Bravo 🙂

Lead by Heather, on 9/14 we started off the semester by looking at how we view people’s souls. We tend to view people as through filters like “Christian” or “Non-Christian”, and often we base these judgements on a person’s outward behavior, such as our friends Fred and Jeff, pictured above. Looking into them, however, we found that they were both filled with coffee grounds, a metaphor for a soul that did not know Christ. Sometimes the outward happiness of a person can distract us from their needs. Knowing that the Lord deals with us as unfinished works of art, what would it be like if we treated everyone like they didn’t know Christ, and made it our business to be Christ-like to that person whether or not they seemed to need of it? Often when dealing with someone like Fred, it is difficult to approach them with compassion, but we are to pray for our enemies and treat them with all the kindness they would allow us to- every time.

John 4:7-21


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