Beethoven’s Freedom



Last Sunday Valeri led the meeting with a discussion that compared Beethoven’s Heiligenstadt Testament to Romans 7:14-25. The Heiligenstadt Testament was a letter that Beethoven wrote in 1802 confessing to his brothers that he had been hiding his deafness for the last six years. In his letter, he expresses with agony how he looks forward to death, and how only his art prevents him from suicide. Beethoven even wrote out a final word to only be read after his death, though he would not die for another 25 years. Knowing that Romans 6 speaks concerning the body of sin and how it was dealt with by Christ,  that Romans 7 describes the conflict of having a body that is dead to sin but alive to Christ (v10-11), and Romans 8 describes the victory of Christ over this conflict, how would you approach someone like Beethoven? We talked hypothetically about what to say to a person who  is in such a state of anguish, and what you would ask them. Regardless of whether or not that person knows God, His words do carry power.

For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12

The Lord indeed has compassion on you and knows your pain. It’s easy sometimes to forget just how present he is and forget that He hears every prayer. How marvelous would it be if we remembered to pray to him before every rehearsal, before every performance, and at every inner crisis?

Heather made this important mention: If you find yourself in a situation where you’re talking to someone who wants to commit suicide, remember that for the most past it has to do with self-worth. Even if it means nothing to them that God cares about them and sees worth, just being there for them to listen and talk with them and show them that you care –that they indeed matter to you–can make a big difference.

2 Corinthians 4



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Heather lead a discussion about joy on 10/5. We talked about how joy connects to trust in God. The things that stand in the gap between joy and trust are fear, doubt, and worry. Although this can be applied to life in general, it has specific applications for us as musicians.
Throughout the Bible, there is a striking connection between joy and worship, praise, and celebration. We often do not have joy in our playing or singing because we are so afraid and worried about messing up. We typically worry about what the audience or our teacher will think. This is actually a very selfish and prideful perspective because we are making the the focus of our playing or singing us and not God. The performance becomes about us not looking bad instead of giving to others. When we perform this way we close ourselves off to the audience because we are trying to protect ourselves and be careful to play all of the notes right. As a result, there is something lacking in our performance for the audience. However, if we play with vulnerability, we are open to the audience, and they gain something even if we mess up. This something can be God’s love if that is out focus. C. S. Lewis once said, “To love is to be vulnerable.”
Arron Copeland once stated, “The ugliest sound I have ever heard is fear.” The closing thought was encouraging everyone to have joy in their playing or singing by losing their fear and trusting God. It goes beyond just fixing nerves and being a better performer; it is about serving the Lord with our music.

Isaiah 65:14a
Isaiah 49:13a
Isaiah 12:5-6
Psalm 92:1-4
Psalm 98

Looking at People’s Souls


Our coffee filter friends, Fred, on the left, and Jeff, on the right. Both were illustrated by the fabulous Andres Bravo :)

Lead by Heather, on 9/14 we started off the semester by looking at how we view people’s souls. We tend to view people as through filters like “Christian” or “Non-Christian”, and often we base these judgements on a person’s outward behavior, such as our friends Fred and Jeff, pictured above. Looking into them, however, we found that they were both filled with coffee grounds, a metaphor for a soul that did not know Christ. Sometimes the outward happiness of a person can distract us from their needs. Knowing that the Lord deals with us as unfinished works of art, what would it be like if we treated everyone like they didn’t know Christ, and made it our business to be Christ-like to that person whether or not they seemed to need of it? Often when dealing with someone like Fred, it is difficult to approach them with compassion, but we are to pray for our enemies and treat them with all the kindness they would allow us to- every time.

John 4:7-21


Fall 2014 Schedule

Weekly Bible Study in Room 216 at 7:30 each Sunday
Each week we lead a practical and insightful discussion/Bible Study together that are designed with musicians in mind, SOM majors or not! All are welcome!

FCM Recital on October 26th, at 7:30 in the Recital Hall
This semester FCM is hosting its first recital! The program will feature personal selections by both students and faculty. Both student and faculty credit are offered.

Night of Worship on November 30th at 7:30
This Sunday will be a relaxed night of collaborative and perhaps even improvisatory worship. Everyone is encouraged to bring their instruments and even their dinner if they would like.

Mock Juries TBA
Held right before juries, the FCM Mock Jury is an opportunity for students to practice performing their solo material for a panel consisting of the FCM officers and anyone the student might request to attend. Students must provide their own accompanist. A sign-up sheet will be made available.

FCM Caroling and Christmas Party TBA
Join us as we end the semester with Caroling and the FCM Christmas Party!

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Fear and Stagefright

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Pride and Humility

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Living   for Praise

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Identity Theft